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Castro Loans - Focusing on What’s Important, the Developer

In thinking about its residential flexible development exit loan product, aka a "Castro Loan", London based bridging lender Vitvo has been mindful to follow its guiding principle of challenging orthodox thinking with a view to providing meaningful, value added solutions to the busy property developing professional. See Castro Loan

Fast Bridging Loans – Are they a Myth?

Bridge lending data suggests the average length of time between initial enquiry through to loan completion of a bridging loan is around 50 days. As a lender, Vitvo receives many calls from borrowers requesting a fast bridge loan and speed of loan completion can be essential for a variety of reasons: a property purchased at auction; a tax bill due; an impending divorce settlement; repayment of an outstanding development loan, to name but a few. Sadly, and frustratingly, necessity doesn’t guarantee the swift execution of a bridging loan. In order to maximise the chance of achieving a quick turnaround, and seamless execution, the prospective borrower should considertaking the following steps, see Fast Bridging Loans
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